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scientific name    Macaria nr. bicolorata    

Pine forest.

No Alberta data available; should be expected between late June to late July.

Wings medium grey with faint, darker antemedian (AM) and (postmedian) PM lines, three to four bold black costal forewing wedges. The outer third of the wings are brownish, giving this species its name, and distinguishing it from other Alberta Macaria. According to geometrid specialist Klaus Bolte (Handfield 1999), the Canadian populations are specifically distinct from nominate bicolorata (TL: Virginia), so until a name is available for our species, it should be referred to as "near bicolorata".

life history
McGuffin (1972) describes the early stages in detail. Adults come to light.

Of limited distribution in Alberta, but probably under-sampled; further surveying needed.

diet info
Larvae feed on pines, preferring Jack Pine (Pinus banksiana), the likely host in Alberta.

East-central Alberta east to Nova Scotia, south to FL (McGuffin 1972). Due to the presence of two species under the name of bicolorata, the distribution limits are unclear. Although not reported for Alberta by Bowman (1951), there are records from the Athbasca, Redwater, Lloydminster and Cold Lake regions (McGuffin 1972, Prentice 1963).

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