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scientific name    Macaria notata    

common name     Birch Angle

Mesic mixedwood and deciduous forests and woodlands.

The peak flight period is June.

This species and M. aemulataria are very similar in appearance, but are quite distinctive compared to other Macaria. The forewing is creamy white with three usually distinct transverse lines, and a bold brown patch in the middle outer third (distal to the PM line). The forewing is distinctly notched below the apex, accented by a dark fringe. Hindwing with discal spot and AM and PM lines, the margin coming to a distinct point, giving a nearly tailed appearance. M. notata is slightly larger with a paler whitish ground colour compared to aemulataria.

life history
A description of the larva and pupa is provided by McGuffin (1972), and Wagner et al. illustrate the mature larva. Pupae hibernate, and adults come to light. An uncommon species not usually encountered in numbers.

Not of concern.

diet info
Larval hosts consist primarily of birch (Betula) and alder (Alnus) species (Prentice 1963).

Central BC, NWT and Nunavit east to Nova Scotia, south to Colorado and North Carolina (McGuffin 1972).

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