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scientific name    Lacinipolia longiclava    

Arid grasslands and badlands; grassy dunes.

Adults fly in Alberta in late May and June.

A small and relatively long-winged noctuid. It can be separated from other similar Alberta Lacinipolia species by its spring flight period, its predominantly yellowish-brown coloration, and the diagnostic but sometimes faint pale streak across the lower forewing. The reniform and orbicular are usually ringed with paler scales, and the later is usually oblong rather than round. The forewing fringe is partially checkered with pale scales at the veins. The hindwings are light grey-brown. The male gentalia have a large, long curved clasper, in Alberta species found only in longiclava and L. anguina. Like anguina, longiclava flies in the spring. Longiclava can be separated from anguina by the predominantly brown tones (grey in anguina), the pale longitudinal dash across the lower forewing, and by the more prominent checkering on the forewing fringe.

life history
Poorly known. Adults are nocturnal and come to light, and there is a single spring-flying brood annually.

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diet info

A western grasslands species, occurring north to southwestern Saskatchewan and southeastern Alberta. In Alberta it occurs in the arid grasslands and badlands areas, north to the sandhills east of Edgerton.

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