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scientific name    Caloptilia stigmatella    

Edges of forests, clearings and along rivers or lakes (Patocka and Zach, 1995).

Unknown for Canada, assumed to be active all summer, moths emerge in mid summer and go through an aestivation to become active in the fall. Adults overwinter and mate in the early spring.

Small moth (14mm wingspan) with dark brown background on wings and body. Flecks on wings are black and white, large white triangle on leading edge of forewing. Hindwings have dark brown fringes. Face is paler than body (Forbes, 1923). Antennae are filiform and as long as body. The abdomen on the pupa is covered with spines. Spines are concentrated at segment 8 (Patocka and Zach, 1995).

life history
Leaf miner of deciduous trees common in aspen stands. First instars make a shallow, silvery mine. At least two cones are constructed before pupation, usually on the underside of leaf (Patocka and Zach, 1995). Cocoon is made on the underside of a leaf and emerge in July (Forbes, 1923). Two generations within one year, overwinter as an adult (Patocka and Zach, 1995). Adults emerge in early spring to mate.

No data for Alberta.

diet info
Populus spp., Salix spp., and Myrica gale (Patocka and Zach, 1995). Alberta specimens found on willow.

Not well documented, specimens found in northern Alberta and the foothills. Common in Europe and eastern North America (Forbes, 1923).

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