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scientific name    Endothenia quadrimaculana    

Often found in open areas. Alberta records indicate that this species has been found in meadows containing Carex sp. and Salix sp. and in open forested areas of pine and aspen.

Recorded specimens were caught in mid July

Large sized species of Endothenia. The hind wings appear to be distinctively broad and they show an abrupt curve just before meeting the base of the abdomen. There is very little open space between the abdomen and hind wings. The forewings are typically a light gray color showing very little contrast and occasionally a few dark markings are present.

life history
Adults probably fly in the evenings and are attracted to light. Similar Endothenia sp. in Europe fly in the evenings and are easily disturbed from rest during the day (Hansen et. al. 1993).

There is not enough empirical data to warrant special conservation concerns.

diet info
Larvae of a similar species (Endothenia marginana) in Europe have been reared from Pedicularis palustris ( Hansen et. al. 1993 and Laasonen and Laasonen 1995).

The true extent of distribution is unknown. Recorded specimens were captured in Alberta and Saskatchewan. Records from Tortricid.net (2006) database indicate that this species has also been found in Ohio, United States.

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