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scientific name    Mompha unifasciella    

Open areas

March to October in Alberta, recorded from most months of the year elsewhere.

The forewing is grey, sometimes greyish brown with a distinct pale postmedian line and usually a clear antemedian line or blotch. The basal part of the inner margin usually is light greyish, sometimes with pale orange. Dark dashes are often present through the middle of the wing and are usually interrupted by the pale markings. The forewing ranges in length from three to five millimetres. This is most likely a complex of several species and can be separated from Mompha albapalpella by the basal patch never being cream.

life history
Many rearing records indicate that it forms a round subterminal gall on Epilobium angustifolium. Adults are likely most active early in the morning (Koster & Sinev 2003).

Probably of no concern.

diet info
Most records are from Epilobium, but one specimen from Manitoba in the CNC was reared from Melilotus alba.

Probably widespread in the province, especially in the boreal.

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