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scientific name    Macaria plumosata    

Open shaded mesic shrubby woodland.

A small (2.5cm wingspan) yellow-buff geometrid moth. The forewings are crossed by poorly defined and somewhat sinuous brown antemedian, median and postmedian lines, the later most prominent, All are thicker and darker where they meet the costa. There is a dark brown blotch on the outside of the postmedian line midway, a second one at the costa above, and a terminal line comprised of a series of dark dots or short dashes. The hindwings are crossed by faint partial antemedian and more complete median lines. Both wings are covered with a light dusting of dark brown scales. Male antennae are broadly bipectinate. Similar to Macaria occiduaria, which is brighter yellow with more sharply defined dark markings and lacks the dusting of dark scales.

life history
Poorly known. Adults come to light. The only Alberta specimen was collected on August 31, 2005. Maple (Acer) is the reported host plant; Mountain Maple (Acer glabrum Torr.) is a possible host in Alberta.

diet info
Maple (Acer) is the reported host plant; Mountain Maple (Acer glabrum Torr.) is a possible host in Alberta

A western species, ranging from extreme southwestern Alberta and southern B.C. south to Arizona and California. The only Alberta specimens were colected at Waterton Lakes National Park in 2005-6. The occur in open shaded mesic shrubby woodland.

A single specimen collected in late August 2005 was the first Alberta report. A series were collected in the same area the following year.

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