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scientific name    Cucullia strigata    

common name     Streaky Falconer

Frequents dry meadows and other open areas.

A medium-size (4.5-5.0 cm wingspan) uniform lead-grey moth with elongated pointed forewings and a narrow black basal streak. The forewings have a number of fine black partial lines and streaks, in particular in the terminal and subterminal area, and fine black lining along parts of the veins. There is also a small rectangular pale spot in the lower median area. Fringe with small whitish triangular spots between the veins. The hindwings are uniform brownish grey with a pale fringe. The very similar Cucullia albida Sm. is paler grey and lacks the dark subterminal and terminal streaks. There are also differences in the female genitalia (See Poole 1995).

life history
Poorly known. The adults are nocturnal and come to light. The single brood flies in spring. The early stages and the larval host plants are unknown.

Alaskan panhandle and BC south to OR and AZ, west to CO and western AB. In Alberta known from several sites in the mountains and foothills, from Calgary north to Nordegg.

The last of the 4 known Alberta specimens I am aware of was collected over 50 years ago. Strigata was originally described from a single female from Victoria BC. Until recently strigata was placed in the genus Rancora, synonymized with Cucullia by Poole (1995). The name strigata is from the latin "striga" (a furrow or groove); strigate means having fine close-set grooves or streaks and undoubtedly refers to the fine streaks on the forewing. Several common names have been suggested including “Streaked hooded-owlet”, a literal translation of the name. The European common name for Cucullia species is Falconer, and I prefer Jones (1951) use of Streaky Falconer as a common name for strigata.

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