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scientific name    Oncocnemis pudorata    

Like most other Oncocnemis probably found in dry open or partly open habitats.

A medium size moth. The forewings are powdery and mottled dark blackish brown over a cream-white ground. The normal lones and spots are present, but not sharply outlined. The most prominent markings are the narrow whitish band along the distal side of the postmedian line and the pale fringe lightly checkered with dark scales at the veins. The hind wings are cream-white, suffused with dark brown on the basal half and a wide blackish terminal band. There is also a prominent discal bar and dark scales lining the veins between the dark basal and terminal areas. Antennae simple and sexes similar. The powdery dark brown forewings with the pale postmedian band should separate pudorata from all other Alberta Oncocnemis.

life history
Almost nothing is known. Adults are probably nocturnal and come to light. Like other Oncocnemis, it is single brooded, with adults in July and August (Jones, 1951; Bowman, 1951.). Nothing is known of the early stages or larval foodplants.

Known from the mountains of southern Alberta and BC, south to ? There is a single record for Alberta, a Banff specimen collected in July (Bowman, 1951).

Oncocnemis pudortata appears to be a rare or local species. We can find almost nothing regarding it in the literature. It was described from a BC specimen or specimens. We have not seen the Banff specimen mentioned by Bowman and it is included in the Alberta fauna on the basis of his report. The specimen illustrated above is from the Moths of Canada website.

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