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scientific name    Xestia homogena    

Adults have been collected in Alberta from mid-July to late August, most in late July.

A medium-large large noctuid (wingspan approx. 4 cm). There are two subspecies, both of which occur in Alberta: the nominate subspecies is larger and light grey, ssp. conditoides (Benj.) is smaller, has a brownish tint and is more prominently marked. The forewings of homogena are marked with a short black basal dash, a black dash before the orbicular and filling the space between the orbicular and reniform spots, and a pair of black wedges in the upper subterminal area. The most prominent marking is the large pale grey orbicular spot. The reniform is boomerang-shaped and partially outlined with black scales. The hindwings are light grey brown with a grey discal mark and a narrow black terminal line. Hindwings light grey with a dark discal mark and a thin black terminal line. Antennae simple. Sexes similar. Most like fabulosa, which has more prominent dentate cross lines and with the upper side of the large orbicular spot open to the pale costa in most specimens. Specimens of fabulosa often also have pink tones not found in homogena.

life history
Adults are nocturnal and come to light, although females are rarely collected and may be more sedentary than males. Adults have been collected in Alberta from mid-July to late August, most in late July. The larva and the larval hostplant(s) are unknown.

diet info
The larval hostplant(s) are unknown.

Newfoundland west to AK, south to northern New England and southern interior BC, and south in the mountains to CO. In Alberta it has been collected throughout the mountains, but appears to be absent from the Boreal forest region. Subspecies conditoides is found south to about Nordegg, and is replaced southward by subspecies homogena. Found in coniferous woodlands

A record of homogena from Wagner Fen needs confirming.

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