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scientific name    Euxoa mitis    

common name     Spineless Dart

A medium size (FW length 14-17 mm.) brownish Euxoa. It can be mistaken for either E. misturata or teleboa. The FW is a yellow-buff, yellow-grey or grey-orange, with markings indistinct. The HW is white. Mitis can be separated from teleboa by the lack of a prominent median line. They can be separated from misturata by the more even FW color, the paler and more obscure spots and the more prominent biserrate antennae. Male genitalia of mitis have a thin saccular extension less than the length of the harpe and thinner; the harpe is somewhat s-shaped and bending dorsally apically. The female genitalia the dorsal edges of the ovipositor lobes spread apart posteriorly and form a v-shaped gap that extends to the middle of the dorsal margin. See Lafontaine 1987 for illustrations and more details.

Dry habitats from southern SK to southern BC, south to NM, southern UT and NV. In Alberta it has recently been collected at Writing-on-Stone P. Pk. Bowman reported this species from Edmonton, but it's occurrence this far north needs confirming.

Yet another of the non-descript dull-colored aridland Euxoa species. A specimen taken at Writing-on-StoneProvincial Park recently was identified by Don Lafontaine as this species. Bowman's record for Edmonton appears out of habitat and too far north for this species, and the record is therefore considered questionable.

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