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scientific name    Lacinipolia vicina acutipennis    

In Alberta it has been found only in dry open woodland in the mountains.

A medium-size (30-32cm wingspan) mottled grey and brown moth. Forewings fairly dark brownish-grey, with a black basal streak, split near the end and lined on the upper side with rusty-orange scales. A short egg-shaped oval of white and light grey scales at base of costa, above streak. AM and PM lines doubled and filled with light grey and white scales, PM line obsolete on upper half. Oblong orbicular and kidney-shaped reniform outlined with black outside and white inside, orbicular and lower half of reniform filled with darker grey. Claviform a hollow black wedge; it and area around and between the upper spots suffused with dark red-brown and grey scales. Area beyond lower PM a diffuse light grey and white spot, with a patch of black scales with a white “pupil” distad. Fringe a double row of light grey-brown and dark grey scales, checkered with darker scales between the veins. Hindwings light grey-brown, paler near base, with a dark discal dot and dark scales lining the vein. Fringe white, divided by a thin dark line along the upper half of the wing. Male antennae slightly dentate, ciliate. Superficially similar to L. vicina, but darker overall and with the basal streak and white patch on base of costa shorter, thicker, and with male hingwings darker than in vicina. Male genitalia of a different type, lacking the prominent curved juxta and 3-pronged clasper of vicina.

life history
Nothing is known, except that the adults are nocturnal and come to light.

Acutipennis is common in southern BC and adjacent Washington. In Alberta it has been found only in dry open woodland in the mountains at Waterton Lakes National Park, in late August.

This little noctuid was originally overlooked as a form of Lacinipolia vicina. However, DNA bar-coding data showed it to be something different. A closer look and an examination of the genitalia showed it to be abundantly different from vicina, although it is currently placed in the synonomy of vicina as ssp. acutipennis.

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