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scientific name    Phlyctaenia coronata tertialis    

common name     Crowned Phlyctaenia Moth

Boreal forest, mixedwood and aspen parkland areas.

Late May to mid July.

Wingspan 22-25 mm. Fore and hind wings above grayish brown, infuscated with pale white areas; a PM line of white areas and a subterminal line of white spots. The genitalia of the nominate subspecies are described by Munroe (1976). Somewhat similar to Sitochroa chortalis.

life history
The larvae of P. coronata coronata occupy webs on the underside of leaves (Goater, 1986). Adults come to light.

Locally common, of no concern.

diet info
In Europe, Goater (1986) states that the larvae of the nominate subspecies feed on elder (Sambucus nigra). Sambucus racemosa occurs in Alberta. The North American food plant, or plants, have not yet been discovered.

Phlyctaenia coronata coronata is a European subspecies, while P. coronata tertialis is a North American one. The latter occurs from Newfoundland and Quebec to British Columbia, north to the Northwest Territories and south to Mississippi, Louisiana and Florida (Munroe 1976). Reported from Areas 10 (Edmonton) and 20 (Nordegg) in Alberta by Bowman (1951) as P. tertialis Gn. Also known in Alberta from the Chambers Recreational Area, Erskine, George Lake, Lac La Biche, Lacombe, Rochon Sands Provincial Park, the J.J. Collett Natural Area and Winfield.

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