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scientific name    Eucosma fernaldana    

Both Alberta collections are from sand dune areas.

Mid to late August.

Wingspread 26-30 mm. A strikingly beautiful moth with dorsal fore wings having longitudinal silver stripes over a red ground color, and darker hind wings which lack the silver stripes (see the image). Described by Grote (1880), TL Colorado. The male genitalia are illustrated by Heinrich (1923). Very similar to Eucosma ridingsana which has a similar pattern of silver stripes (see illustration in Ferris 2005), except that the ground color of the fore wings is reddish rather than yellowish.

life history
Unknown. Adults come to light.


diet info
Unknown. Heinrich (1923) mentions that the larvae of the related E. ridingsana have been found feeding in the roots of greasewood (Sarcobatus vermiculatus). In Alberta, greasewood is known from the Pakowki area but not as far north as Edgerton. Hetz and Werner (1979) found the larvae of E. ridingsana feeding on the roots of broomweed (Gutierrezia sarothrae) which is more widespread in Alberta and it, perhaps, may be the larval food plant of E. fernaldana.

Previously known from Manitoba, New Mexico, Utah and Colorado (Heinrich 1923). The Manitoba record was probably made in a sand dune area near Aweme by Norman Criddle. Not reported from Alberta by Bowman (1951). Known in Alberta from the Pakowki dunes where it was collected in 16 August 2006 and identified by Jason Dombroskie and from the Edgerton dunes where it was collected in 24 August 2002 by Gary Anweiler (ver. C. D. Ferris).

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