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scientific name    Pyla aeneoviridella    

Not known in detail for Alberta, but based on collection data the species seems to favor two distinctly different habitat types in the province. Half the specimens in the E. H. Strickland Museum have been collected in the dry, grassy habitats between Orion and Cypress Hills in the south western corner of the province, whereas the other half have been collected in sub alpine habitats in the Rockies.

Adults have been collected between June 24 and August 11.

A fairly small to medium sized micro moth (18-25mm wingspan), with slender body, narrow and triangular forewings, and broad hind wings. Both wing pairs are shiny-bronze colored, with the forewings being darker than the hind wings.

life history
Immature stages are unknown.

Nothing is known about the status of P. aeneoviridella in Alberta.

diet info
Host plants are unklnown.

Widespread the northern Rocky Mountain states of the USA. In Canada the species is apparently only known from Alberta, where it apparently has two distinct populations: one in the Rockies north to Lake Louise, and one in the dry south eastern part of the province.

The two distinct habitat choices of P. aeneoviridella in Alberta is puzzling. The Rocky Mountains populations seem to favor the same type of habitat as do the species in the USA. But no other "bronzed" species of Pyla is apparently known from the northern prairies of the Great Plains of North America. P. aeneoviridella form south eastern Alberta needs to be examined to determine whether it in reality represents a new species. The species should also be sought after in Saskatchewan and eastern Montana.

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