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scientific name    Mycterophora inexplicata    

common name     Pale-edged Snout-moth

Humid (?) woodland with dead trees and fungi.

Adults are on the wing late June to August.

A small (2.2 -2.4 cm wingspan) broad-winged sooty brown moth, resembling a small geometrid. The costal area is broadly paler than the rest of the wing, light tan to dark cream. The remainder of the forewing is dark brown, with the normal lines and fringe marked as pale and fine zigzag lines. The hindwings are similar, crossed by three fine, pale, zigzag lines. Both sets of wings have a narrow, dark scalloped terminal line and light and dark brown checkered fringes. Male antennae are broadly pectinate. Overall, both sexes are similar.

life history
No information available.

Although rarely collected, this moth is widespread and there are no obvious concerns.

diet info
Apparently unknown. There is some evidence to suggest fungi growing on dead wood, may serve as the larval host.

From New Hampshire and Quebec, west across southern Canada to central and northwestern Alberta. In Alberta, found from the northern Parklands across the Boreal Forest region northwest to Zama City.

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