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scientific name    Thripinae    

Varies with species, though many are flower-living (Palmer et al., 1989).


The head, legs, and abdomen usually lack heavy reticulate sculpture, though finer sculpture may be present (Palmer et al., 1989). Antennae are 7 or 8 segmented, usually with forked sensoria on segments 3 and 4 (Mound and Marullo, 1996). Antennal segments 3 and 4 normally have whorls of microtrichia. The terminal segments are rarely long and slender. The first vein on the forewing is not fused to the costa (Palmer et al., 1989).

life history
This sub-family contains a genus of predacious thrips, and most of the known pest species (Palmer et al., 1989).


diet info
Some species feed on flower or leaf tissue, and some are predaceous (Mound and Marullo, 1996).

Worldwide (Palmer et al., 1989).

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