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scientific name    Neohydatothrips beachae    

Under poplar (Chiasson, 1986), on hops (Stannard, 1968).


The body varies around 1 to 1.22mm in length and is yellowish with some grayish markings. The sides of antennal segment 2, the apical halves of segments 3 to 5, and all of segments 6 to 8 are gray brown. The forewings are pale gray with lighter regions in the middle and at the tip, giving the wings a cross banded appearance. The pronotum has transverse striations. Females and males are macropterous. The forewings have 2 setae at the apex behind the longitudinal vein. Median portions of the abdominal tergites mainly lack microsetae. Posterior setal combs are present on tergites 7, 8 and usually 6. Abdominal sternite 7 on males has a small circular glandular area (Stannard, 1968).

life history

Mainly unknown as it has been poorly collected (Stannard, 1968).

diet info

Alberta (Chiasson, 1986), Illinois (Stannard, 1968).

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