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scientific name    Gynaikothrips sp.    

On leaves.


The head is elongate, reticulate anteriorly grading to transverse striae posteriorly, the eyes are large and the ocelli are present on a raised portion of the head. The antennae are 8 segmented, and segment 3 has 1 sense cone while segment 4 has 3 sense cones. The apex of antennal segment 4 is not truncated. The postocular setae are never minute but they vary in size from small to large and the mouth cone is rounded. The maxillary stylets retract only halfway into the head, are quite slender, and are a good distance apart. The prothorax has irregular sculpture, the epimeral setae are well developed, and the epimeral sutures are incomplete in some species. The basantra is absent and the forewings are broad with parallel sides. The pelta is triangular (Chiasson, 1986).

life history
Often, species in this genus make leaf roll galls in the leaves of their host plant (Stannard, 1957).

Introduced from the tropical regions of the world by the horticultural trade (Chiasson, 1986).

diet info
Leaf feeders (Chiasson, 1986).


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