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scientific name    Chirothrips alexanderae    

Grasses, including Artemesia cana (Chiasson, 1986).

Adults collected in August.

Body varies around 1.8mm in length and is mainly dark brown with red to orange sub-integumental pigment scattered through the body as dots. Antennal segment 3 is a light brown, tarsi are yellow, and wings are yellowish. The head is greatly produced in front of the eyes, and has few setae. Interocellar setae arise close to the eye margin slightly forward of the fore ocellus. Antennal segment 1 is not greatly enlarged. Outer apex of antennal segment 2 is drawn out into a pointed tip, with a seta just below the tip, and with the outer margin rigid, or more heavily sclerotized than the rest of the segment. Antennal segment 6 is no longer than the combined length of segments 4 and 5. The pronotum is transversely striated, and only moderately setose. The mesonotum is transversely striated, but without scallops. The meso- and metanota have only a few pairs of setae. Males of this species are unknown. Abdominal tergites are transversely striated, without scallops, while sternites have scallop-like sculpture. The posterior margins have distinct, tooth like projections laterally. Abdominal segment 10 is pointed, and approximately twice as long as tergite 9 (Stannard, 1959).

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Alberta, B.C. (Chiasson, 1986).

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