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scientific name    Arctopsyche ladogensis    

Clear, cold streams/rivers on gravel/boulder bottoms.

Adults are flying between mid-May to mid-August.

Adult antennae are a pale yellow-brown. The vertex of the head is a deep red-brown and the thorax is deep purplish brown-black and laterally with red-brown mottling. The legs are brown and straw-coloured distally with brown spurs. The dorso-posterior edge of segment 9 on the adult male is developed into a pair of large, ventrally curved, tapered and acuminate processes. The clasper is small and has a dorsally projected, almost pedicillate, thumb-like process on the mesal face (Nimmo, 1987).

life history
This species overwinters as the larval stage and pupates in late May or June.

Not commonly seen.

diet info
The larvae are predacious.

Circumpolar, from western Alaska east to Newfoundland and south to the northeastern United States and Michigan. It is restricted to the boreal forest and northward by the treeline. Ladogensis refers to Lake Ladogen, over which suppiles were flown to Leningrad during WWII.

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