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scientific name    Brachycentridae    

common name     Log-cabin Casemakers

Often cold flowing water, ranging from mountain springs to slow flowing marshes.

Adults are flying from late May to mid-September.

Members of this family are about 6-11 mm in length. They have small, hairy eyes and no ocelli. The adult head is especially short and wide (Schmid, 1983). There are three pairs of warts on the vertex of the head, one pair on the scutellum and one pair of small, widely separated warts on the mesoscutum. In the males, the maxillary palp is 3-articled and in the females, 5-articled. The middle tibia may or may not have apical spurs (Borror & White, 1970). In Alberta, there are 3 of the 5 genera of brachycentrids which occur in North America; Amiocentrus, Brachycentrus and Micrasema.

Can be locally abundant (Wiggins, 1996).

diet info
Larvae are generally omnivores and filter feeders. Some species also feed on moss.

Brachycentridae is a small family which is widespread over the Holarctic and Oriental regions.

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