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scientific name    Agrypnia macdunnoughi    

Standing waters.

Adults are flying from June to August.

Adults head is dark brown and the antennae are banded with medium and dark browns. Forewings have whitish reticulations on a dark brown background and the hindwings are grayish with a few apical markings. Spur formula is 2, 4, 4. This is the largest species in the genus Agrypnia. In males, the clasper is uniform in width and extends beyond the base. The ventral process of the ventral lobe is distally bifurcated. The ventral face of the basal area is horizontal with the remainder inclined at about a 30 angle (Wiggins, 1998.)

life history

Relatively uncommon.

diet info
Larvae are predacious.

This North American species extends from Alaska, Yukon and British Columbia, east to Labrador, Newfoundland and Nova Scotia. It is also recorded in North Dakota, Minnesota and Michigan (Wiggins, 1998).

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