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scientific name    Chionea obtusa    

common name     Wingless crane fly

Occurs in subarctic spruce and fir forests, as well as tall grass prairies near Edmonton.

Collected October through January, but data insufficient to make conclusions on emergence period.

This insect has a small (4-8mm long) brown and grey coloured body, lacking wings. The legs are covered in many thin setae, and antennae possess 5-7 flagellomeres. Male gonapophyses (dorsal view) are broad and notably concave, with round tips and a ventral subapical process on the subapical keel. Females have broad and short cerci, with upward curving tips.

life history
Found at elevations up to 2300m in the Rockies and down to 675m, and the majority of specimens were collected on the surface of snow. Tree species common in forests from which C. obtusa was collected include douglas fir, western yellow pine, lodgepole pine, larch, and western white pine. Most closely related to C. valga Harris. Share habitat with, and are preyed upon by, Grylloblatta campodeiformis. Generally prefer temperatures of -4 to -5C, but are active within a range of 0 to -6C. Adults can live for about two months without eating, and larvae have not been successfully reared.

Species uncommon, but no information available to indicate this species might be threatened.

diet info
Unknown. Other species in the genus do not appear to eat solid food.

Central Alberta plains, British Columbia Rocky Mountains, and parts of Montana, Idaho, and Oregon.

Holotype male and Allotype female collected near Cranbrook, British Columbia in November.

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