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scientific name    Chionea albertensis    

Possibly hilly-mountainous areas of Alberta.

Winter months.

Antennae 11-segmented; general body coloration reddish brown, the pronotum yellow in the middle (Alexander 1941); halteres pale yellow; legs yellow, tarsi darkeer; rostrum reddish brown; palpi brown; head reddish brown and sparsely covered in whitish granules, especially in front; thorax light reddish brown with a yellow stripe marked an lateral edges by long black hairs (Alexander 1941); abdomen reddish brown and ventral side, genitalia yellow. Male genitalia with 9th tergite having a rounded lobe with some long setae. Gonapophyses look like flattened yellow plates, tips obtuse, surface slightly wrinkled; intromittant organ long,slender, apex split in two pale blade with acute points (Alexander 1941). Male length about 5mm, 1mm across.

life history
Complete metamorphosis with larval stageprobably in the summer; no other information known on this species.

It is not known if this species is vulnerable.

diet info
Not known.

Alberta (Stone 1965).

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