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scientific name    Chrysopa pleuralis    

Forests and weedy areas.

Head - Scape dark medially and along base antennae. Pale antennae that darken distally. Setae dark. Maxillary and labial palps also dark. Labrum with narrow submarginal dark line. Clypeus dark laterally, broadly red-brown posterolaterally. Frons entirely black around antennal sockets with narrow green area around eye margins. Genae longitudinally dark from eye to madibular base. Vertex red-brown dorsolaterally from anterior to posterior transverse band. Thorax - Pronotum dark along anteriolateral margi. Setae dark. Forewing with erect dark setae. Crossveins darkened at ends and gradates brown. Hindwing crossveins dark, all other veins are green. Coxal bases black. Setae on legs are black. Trochanters are black. Abdomen - Setae black. Anterior segments have black margins on pleural and intersegmental regions.

Very few specimens recorded from Canada.

diet info
Both adults and larvae are predatory.

Recorded from Colorado, British Columbia and Alberta.

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