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scientific name    Delia platura    

Occurs in all the vegetable-growing areas. In cool wet seasons damage may be widespread.

Adults are found early in the spring.

Delia platura may be distinguished from other Delia species occurring in the field by the following combinations of characters: In males, in the hind femur, only around 3-5 posteroventral setae are present. In females, common arrangement of mid-tibial setae, though may be any combination of 1-2anterodorsal, (1- ) 2posterodorsal and 2(-3) posteroventral setae.

life history
Appears to be two to three generation a year in the Prairie Provinces of Canada. Eggs are laid in the soil near germinating seeds or where there is an abundance of decaying vegetative matter. They hatch at temperatures as low as 10C. The larvae is extremely polyphagous attacking a wide range of host plants that include bean,corn,melon,maize,etc. After about one to two weeks, the larvae are fully developed and pupariate in the soil. Metamorphosis in the puparium lasts 1-2 weeks .Upon completion of two to three generations it over winters in puparium.

Not of concern.

diet info
The larvae is extremely polyphagous attacking a wide range of host plants especially previously damaged roots as well as on sprouting seedlings.

Cosmopolitan (occurring in all biogeographic regions except Antarctica) as cited by Griffiths (1997).

As cited by Griffiths (1991) Delia platura (Meigen) is included under Delia platura subsection along side with Delia florelega and other closely related Delia species. Hylemyia platura (Meigen) is one of the synonyms used for this species in the past. There are a wide range of natural enemies from families Carabidae and Staphylinidae of order Coleoptera and Family Cynipidae of order Hymenoptera are associating with Delia platura as in the case of Delia radicum.

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