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scientific name    Dichelonyx backii    

Plains, subalpine, often found on or near wild rose, conifers, sometimes on hazel.

Adults collected in early summer from May to July.

Adults 7-8.5 mm, somewhat variable in color but head and pronotum as well as tibiae and femori very dark brown to black. Elytra brilliant green to blue green with metallic sheen, easy to confuse with Dichelonyx fulgida but smaller and lacks any orange or reddish medial overtones on the elytra.

life history
Larvae are C-shaped "white grubs".

Fairly common, often occurring in large numbers at one locality.

diet info
Larvae fossorial, feed on roots, adults often found feeding on flowers of wild roses Rosa woodsii.

In Alberta found as far north as Edmonton.

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Tannis Dakin (2010-07-03)
We have had two infestations of these beetles in Golden British Columbia. They were on mountain ash trees and a siberian elm. No-one seems to have seen them around here previously. Any suggestions as to what to do about them?


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