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scientific name    Chlorochroa granulosa    

Collected on Dryas drummondii seed heads, Picea sp. and Juniperus horizontalis.

No information available.

Anteolateral margins of pronotum reflexed. Scutellum green, usually with a white apex. Costal margin of the corium whitish. The dorsum of the abdomen is often greenish. This species has a moderately long rostrum attaining the posterior coxae. Well developed and bulbous subapical ridge on the pygophore. Length 11-13 mm.

life history
No information available.

No information available.

diet info
Collected on Dryas drummondii seed heads, Picea sp. and Juniperus horizontalis.

In the United states this species is reported from Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, Utah, Washington, Wyoming and Alaska (Buxton et al. 1983; Scudder and Thomas 1987). In Canada this species is reported from Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, the North West territories and the Yukon (Scudder and Thomas 1987). In Alberta this species is recorded in the southern one third.

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