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scientific name    Arctopsychidae    

common name     Net-spinning Caddisflies

Clear, cold streams/rivers on gravel/boulder bottoms. Mountain/foothill, boreal forest streams.

Adults are flying between late May and mid-August.

Adults do not have ocelli. The maxillary palps are 5-articled, with the fifth article longer and the first two arcticles are short and subequal. They have two foreleg spurs. Generally, the adults are large, grey beasts with outstanding forewing veins. Arctopsychidae is comprised of two genera: Arctopsyche and Parapsyche; both of which can be found in Alberta (Schmid, 1998).

life history
Larvae spin capture nets between stones, or on stones to snare food particles. The larvae will hide nearby in a silken retreat. Once developed into a pupa, it will leave and swim to the surface of the stream and emerge as an adult (Arnett Jr.,1993).

diet info
The larvae are filter feeders and may possible ingest animal matter as well.

Overall, the family is holarctic and oriental in distribution (Nimmo, 1987).

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