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scientific name    Schinia acutilinea    

common name     Angled Gem, Acute-lined Flower Moth

Sagebrush grasslands.

Adults are on the wing in August.

A small (2.5-2.7 cm wingspan) delicate moth. The normal form is a red-brown and/or olive-brown and white moth. The forewing has a large, dark diamond-shaped basal patch, and a similarly colored triangular patch on the costa near the apex and with an oblong patch below that, between the postmedial and subterminal lines. The median and terminal areas are paler brown, separated from the dark areas by white scales. The reniform is a large, blurry grey patch. The hindwing is white, with a broad pale brown terminal band and a large dark discal mark. The forwing fringe is checkered. Both sexes are similar, but the female is a bit darker. Some specimens are almost immaculate creamy white, with only a few dark scales where the normal pattern would be. Both forms have been collected at Dinosaur Provicial Park.

life history
Adults are nocturnal and come to light. They are closely associated with the host plant, and are on the wing in late summer when the sagebrush is in blossom. Like other members of the family, the eggs are laid in the flower buds and the larvae feed on the bud, flower and developing seeds.

No concerns at present. Dependant upon stands of sagebrush.

diet info
No Alberta records. Elsewhere sagebrush, including Artemisia tridentata and A. nova. In Alberta, associated with and undoubtedly utilizing A. cana.

The dry southern portions of Saskatchewan, Alberta and BC, south across the plains and Great Basin to southern Arizona and California. In Alberta it has ben collected north to Dinosaur Provincial Park on the Red Deer River.

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