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scientific name    Gnophaela vermiculata    

common name     Green Lattice, Police Car Moth

In Alberta, This species occurs in open, wooded areas of the foothills and boreal forest.

In Alberta adults of this species are most common in July and August.

Although there are a number of similar-looking species in the genus, this is the only species that occurs in Canada. The large size, black and white pattern in combination with the elongate wings and diurnal acitivity are unique to this species in Alberta. Royal Alberta Museum page

life history
Adults are diurnal, and avidly visit nectar sources such as thistle (Cirsium spp.) and goldenrod (Solidago spp.).

Generally common throughout its Alberta range.

diet info
Members of the Borage family, usually Lungwort (Mertensia paniculata). Also feeds on Puccoon (Lithospermum spp.) and Stickseed (Hackelia spp.) in the foothills.

Western Manitoba west to B.C., south to Utah and Colorado.

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Audrey Taylor (2010-03-07)
At the end of July of 2009, I saw and took pictures of this moth just North of Gregorio Lake in the Jemez Mtns of New Mexico. The topo for this area is Nacimiento Peak, New Mexico. We saw them at Vallecito Damian, a large meadow approx. 1 mile Northeast of Gregorio Lake.

Carmel B Ellis (Mr) (2010-10-06)
Just wanted to report presence of an uncounted number Police Car Moths this summer. (How would you know your not counting the same one over and over?)
We have two large weeping birch in the yard which may have been the attraction.

C B Ellis Grimshaw Ab.

Anne Boden (2015-07-17)
My daughter had one land on her hand when she was picking raspberries today. We live in Hay River, NWT. I have a great photo of you are interested.

Jessica Gammie (2016-07-20)
Just wanted to report that an adult individual was removed from a spider web in Wainwright Alberta, July 17 2016 and photographed. Doesn't appear this species has been recorded in the area.

J. Gammie, Wainwright Alberta

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