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scientific name    Grammia virgo    

common name     Virgin Tiger

Common in clearings and open areas in forest habitats, including cultivated lands.

Most common in early to mid July. Flies slightly earlier than G. parthenice.

Largest of the Grammia species. Smaller specimens of virgo resemble G. parthenice, but virgo usually has two hindwing median spots, whereas parthenice has one. G. virguncula lacks the transverse bands on the forewing. The hindwing is usually bright pink, but is occasionally lemon yellow.

life history
No information available.

diet info
Feeds on a variety of low plants, including Buffalo bean (Thermopsis rhombifolia) and plantain (Plantago).

Newfoundland south to Florida, west to Alberta. Absent from the western U.S., although there is one record for Vancouver Island (Ferguson et al., 2000).

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