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scientific name    Speyeria hesperis    

common name     Northwestern Fritillary

Clearings, meadows and open woods throughout the province.

The single annual flight peaks from late June to early August, depending on habitat.

Very similar to S. atlantis, with which it was considered to be conspecific until recently (Scott et al. 1998). The Northwestern is slightly smaller than Atlantis, with a more pointed forewing shape and less upperside black markings, particularly along the wing margin. The hindwing underside is more reddish or rust brown, not chocolate-brown as in Atlantis. Subspecies beani of the mountain region has a darker ventral hindwing than the prairie dennisi ( = helena). See Scott et al. (1998) for a taxonomic assessment of this group.

life history
The mature larvae are solid black with spiny protuberances (Guppy & Shepard 2001). This is our commonest and most widespread Speyeria.

Not of concern.

diet info
Larvae feed on violets in BC (Guppy & Shepard 2001), and adults are avid flower visitors.

Central Yukon south to CA and CO, east to Manitoba.

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