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scientific name    Cerura scitiscripta    

common name     Black-etched Prominent

Deciduous woodland.

Adults are on the wing in July.

A medium-size (2.5-4.0 cm. wingspan) white moth with the forewing etched with fine black zig-zag lines. The orbicular is large and ringed with black, and the reniform is a small black-ringed oval. There is some faint, dark olive or grey shading across the forewing, mainly in the antemedian and subterminal areas. The hindwing is white with some dark scaling on the veins and along the outer margin. The antennae is bipectinate on basal 2/3 and simple for the remainder. They are similar to the closely related Kitten Moths (Furcula sp.), except the Furcula sp. have a broad dark median band on the forewing. The exception, the Grey Kitten, lacks the fine black cross lines of the Black-etched Prominent. Canadian specimens are darker than those from further south, and have been named subspecies multiscripta.

life history
No information available.

No concerns. Alberta is at the extreme eastern edge of its range in Canada.

diet info
No Alberta data. Elsewhere reported to use Poplars (Populus), cherry (Prunus) and willows (Salix).

Quebec west to eastern Alberta, south to Florida and Texas. One Alberta record, from the aspen parklands zone near Wainwright.

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Tim Brain (2010-07-30)
we have today found two larve of the Cerura Scitiscripta on our willow bush in central England UK Is this moth larve supposed to be here in the UK?

Ruth Hayes (2013-07-21)
We found a caterpillar of the Cerura Scitiscripta on my car, it has now entered the pupal stage. We live in Berkshire, England. It's range seems to have extended.

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