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scientific name    Melanolophia imitata    

common name     Western Carpet

Montane coniferous forest.

No Alberta data; flies in mid June in the northwest portion of its range.

A mottled grey geometrid with small discal spots and the usual transverse lines. Externally very similar to Ectropis crepuscularia and Protoboarmia porcelaria, but in Alberta, M. imitata is known only in the Waterton-Crowsnest region, likely in association with Douglas-fir (Pseuotsuga). Identification should be confirmed through genitalic dissection, see McGuffin (1977).

life history
The eggs are laid singly on branches and trunks of the host trees, and hatch in about nine days. Larvae feed on previous years' foliage, preferring the crown and exposed lower branches. Larvae pupate in soil litter, and pupae overwinter (Evans 1962). McGuffin (1977) gives a detailed description of the immature stages.

Not of concern.

diet info
Larvae feed on the foliage of conifer trees, preferring Douglas fir, hemlock (Tsuga), and fir (Abies).

Southern California north to Alaska, east to extreme southwestern Alberta (McGuffin 1977).

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