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scientific name    Digrammia oweni    

common name     Owen's Larch Granite

Boreal peatlands and fens with larch.

Adults from early June to mid July.

Ground colour white, heavily speckled with grey, black costal wedges and submarginal spot. AM and PM line uneven, median line usually broken into several dark spots. The white ground colour gives this species a contrasting look, unlike the drabber, greyer species which are most similar, including S. sexmaculata, signaria, unipunctaria, banksianae and submarmorata. The habitat specificity of this species will also help to distinguish it.

life history
McGuffin (1972) details the immature stages, and the brown phase of the larva is illustrated by Ives and Wong (1988). Adults come to light.

Not of concern.

diet info
Larvae feed only on larch (Larix laricina); the few other coniferous hosts listed by Prentice (1963) are likely in error (Ferguson 1974).

Newfoundland to west-central Alberta, south in the east to northern New England (McGuffin 1972).

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