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scientific name    Pennisetia marginata    

Associated with Raspberry (Rubus, including garden plantations.

Adults fly in Alberta July and early August.

A small (2.0- 3.5 cm wingspan) wasp-like clear-wing moth. Females are much larger than males. The body is black, with some yellow streaking and 4 or more narrow yellow bands around the abdomen. The legs are largely dull yellow. The wings, where scaled, are dark olive and red-brown, and there is a prominent dark discal bar. Males are easy to separate from other Alberta sesiids as this is the only species with bipectinate antennae. Females are smaller than other yellow-banded Alberta sesiids, and the wing pattern is noticeable different. Closely related to but apparently distinct from the Palearctic P. hylaeformis Laspeyres.

life history
A borer in the roots and root crowns of Rubus sp. Although some complete the life cycle in a single year, most require two years to complete development. Adults are diurnal. Although a pest in commercial plantations in some areas, it is apparently uncommon in Alberta and thus of little significance.

Uncommon in Alberta; elsewhere may achieve pest status.

diet info
The larvae are borers in the rootstock and root crowns of raspberry and blackberry (Rubus sp.)

Widespread in the United States, and in particular in the east and along the Pacific Coast, ranging north into the southern parts of Canada. In Alberta it has been found north to Edmonton and Nordegg.

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