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scientific name    Caloptilia alnivorella    

common name     Alder Leafminer

Parkland and forest edges.

Adult specimens collected in Alberta through the warm moths (May-September).

Small pushup moths (14mm wingspan) with light brown background colour on body and wings. Gray and black scales form patterns on the wings. Fringes of the wings are gray. Antennae are filiform and longer than body. Adults are very similar to Caloptilia elongella and C. alnicolella, but are distinguishable by the genitalia. Caloptilia alnivorella males have an unarmed intromittent organ. The ventral margin of the clasper is concave apically, and angled midway. Female ductus bursae are long thin and extremely membranous. The bursa is membranous and bag-like (McDunnough, 1946).

life history
Early larvae mine the epidermis of alder leaves (Tatum, 2004). Later instars form tents in alder leaves by bending the lateral edges and attaching them together. Within the tent, a small fold is made at the edge for a pupation site. The cocoon is within the fold or on the surface of the leaf (McDunnough, 1946). Adults overwinter in the fall and come out in the spring to mate. Eggs are laid on fresh alder leaves in early spring.


diet info
Alnus mollis and other alders (McDunnough, 1946).

Widespread through the eastern provinces, Nunavut and North West Territories, but originally described in Colorado. Found throughout northern Alberta.

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