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scientific name    Endothenia albolineana    

common name     Spruce Needleminer

Likely forests or other areas with spruce trees present, since this species shows a strong association with spruce trees (Spackman 1991 and Shetlar 2006).

Adults emerge and begin to fly in mid June to early July.

Small sized Endothenia species. Alberta specimens show a distinctive forewing pattern of alternating brown and white vertical bars. Generally these moths exhibit grayish-brown colors with a wingspan of approximately 1/2 inch (Spackman 1991).

life history
Larvae over winter in constructed nests made up of live and dead spruce needles. Nests are usually found at the base of large branches where the thickest growth occurs. Females lay between 2-8 eggs beside a needle, which hatch in about 10 days. The larvae usually pupate in late May to early June and adults emerge approximately two weeks later. (Spackman 1991). One generation per year (Cranshaw et. al. 1994).

Not of concern.

diet info
Larvae hosts include a variety of spruce tree species (Shetlar 2006). The larvae feed on the entire contents of spruce needles (Spackman 1991). However, the larvae only feed on dead needles (Shetlar 2006).

Most of Northern United States and Canada (Shetlar 2006). Recorded Alberta specimen was collected in Edmonton.

Considered a pest species in the United States and Canada (Spackman (1991), Shetlar (2006) and Horticulture Inquiries (2006)).

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