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scientific name    Lithophane adipel    

Boreal forest.

A medium-size, long-winged moth with dark grey-black FW and pinkish grey HW. FW markings indistinct, darker than ground, and often with median band darker. HW slightly darker toward margin and along veins, and with a lerge discal spot. Male valves lacking the corona, cucullus and digitus.

diet info
By Association, jackpine (Pinus )Red Pine and Jack pine, probably other pines as well. In AB found associated with Jack pine.

Eastern boreal; from the maritime provinces and northeastern states west across the southern boreal forest zone to central AB. In Alberta taken only in the Redwater sands.

Apparently a rare or uncommon species in the west, it has been taken twice in Saskatchewan, and recently at one site in Alberta. Prentice et al (1962) list Cherryville BC as well, but lepida is not included on a recent list of BC moths prepared by Troubridge and Lafontaine (1999) and the specimen was probably misidentified. Lepidaa is unusual among our Lithophane in having the pinkish HW; in this character it resembles L. vanduzeezi of western NA.

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