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scientific name    Acronicta innotata    

common name     Unmarked Dagger-moth

Deciduous woodlands; Common in plantings of birch and poplar in urban areas

Flies May-July.

A medium sized ( 3.5-4 cm. ws) broad-winged dagger-moth with pale grey-brown or tan forewings and shining white hindwings. The markings on the forewings are greatly reduced; only the postmedian line is complete, with the others only indicated by dark spots on the costa. The postmedian line is made up of three outward arcs, partially lined on the distal side by dark scales and on the proximal side by pale ones. The reniform is partially outlined with dark scales in a crescent. The terminal line is comprised of a series of fine dots between the veins. The hindwings are white, with the discal spot and veins faintly marked with darker scales. Sexes similar, the female slightly larger and with darker hindwings. Other Alberta dagger-moths are either darker grey or chalky white (A. vulpina).

Widespread and fairly common.

diet info
White and Yellow birch (Betula papyrifera and B. alleghaniensis), Poplars (Populus tremuloides and P. balsamifera), speckled alder (Alnus rugosa), willow (Salix sp.), and pin cherry (Prunus pennsylvanicus).

Across southern Canada to the BC coast; south.

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