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scientific name    Oncocnemis glennyi    

It has been collected below and at treeline in semi-open areas.

A medium-size (approx. 3.5 cm wingspan) dark greyish brown moth. Forewings dark greyish brown with the normal lines and spots finely outlined in black scales, the most prominent mark the dark filling between the reniform and orbicular spots. Hindwing tan with dark brown scales lining the veins, and forming a dark discal bar and a broad dark brown terminal band. Hindwing fringe white with a brown base. Antennae fikiform and sexes alike. Most likely to be mistaken for a species of Euxoa or Anarta, both of which have very different genitalia.

life history
Almost nothing is known. The adults are nocturnal and come to light. There is a single annual brood, which flies in mid-late summer. Alberta specimens were collected July 27- August 16. The early stages and larval host(s) are unknown.

A western species, ranging from the mountains of southern Alberta west to BC and south at least to CO and CA. In Alberta it has been collected in the mountains at Banff and in Kananaskis Country.

This is one of numerous drab uncommon mountain noctuids about which we know almost nothing. To date only 3 specimens have come to our attention, from Banff, Etherington Creek Recreation Area and Hailstone Butte. The specimen illustrated above was collected by Jim Troubridge at Hailstone Butte on August 16, 2001.

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