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scientific name    Schinia suetus    

It frequents open meadows.

Alberta specimens were collected June 3-July 16.

A small (approx. 2.5 cm wingspan) diurnal moth with dull greenish lavender to pale wine-brown, crossed by a central cream band widening at the upper end to encompass a large spot of the ground color. The terminal band is slightly paler grey or grey-green. The hindwings are jet black with a whie median band dived in two by the black discal mark. S. persimilis is similar, but is usually brighter maroon and has a pale spot in the basal area of the hindwing. The larva is illustrated in color by Hardwick (1996).

life history
Adults are diurnal and single brooded. The larval stages are described in detail by Hardwick (1996).

In Alberta it is known only from 3 or 4 specimens collected in the Lethbridge area.

diet info
The larval host plant is species of Lupin, including L. latifolius, L. nanus, L. sericeus and L. leucopsis. Like all Schinia they feed only of the flowering parts of the plant. Suetus will bore into the seed pod, plug the hole with silk, and devour the seeds and fleshy interior of the pod.

A high plains and mountain species, widespread in the mountains of western North America, from southern Alberta west to BC, south at least to C0 and CA.

A number of subspecies of Schinia suetus have been described. Alberta specimens belongs to ssp. martini Hardwick, described from Vernon BC. Two of the three Alberta specimens were collected in the Lethbridge area by Bob Byers in traps baited with Peridromia saucia pheromone lures (Schmidt, pers. comm). The illustrated adult is from Washington.

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