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scientific name    Apamea plutonia    

common name     Dusky Quaker

Meadows and woodland edges.


A medium-size (3.5 cm. ws) dark brown-black moth. “General effect blackish, mottled dull wood brown, with heavy black shading, mainly along veins. Ordinary lines obscure, except for double bars at costa; basal dash and dash near base of inner margin black, median dash obsolete; terminal area with fine black streaks on veins and bars between veins, the latter very heavy in fold; orb. thick, oblique, somewhat paler, ren. with whitish bar on outer edge. HW dull luteous and fuscous grey” (Forbes, 1954). Antennae simple; sexes similar. Male genitalia: Costal lobe of valve very large (much larger than in commoda), digitus good-sized but weak

Local; rare

diet info

ME and NS west across s. Canada to Vancouver Island; south through MT to ?? The plots for SK in Fig. 9344-3 indicate the northernmost records only.

There are widely scattered records from SK west to southern Vancouver Island. There is no obvious reason why this moth, like many of its cogeners, is so rare

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