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scientific name    Renia flavipunctalis    

common name     Even-lined Renia

Wooded and shrubby habitats.

No information available.

A small (2.6-3.1 cm wingspan) light brown moth with somewhat triangular pointed wings. The forewings are crossed by thin pale antemedian and postmedian lines, the latter in particular outlined in darker scales, and a diffuse dark median band. The subterminal line is pale and distinct near the costa, otherwise obscure or marked only by a few dark scales. The orbicular and reniform spots are dull orange, partly outlined with black and with two larger black dots in the reniform. The hindwings are the same color as the forewings, with the postmedian line continuing across them from the forewings. The antennae are unusual and diagnostic. There is a small claw and plume about three-quarters of the way toward the tip, and the thin terminal third curls up when dried, while the basal portion remains stiff and straight. Both the sexes are similar, but the female is less strongly marked.

life history
Adults are nocturnal and come to light.

At the edge of its range. No concerns.

diet info
No Alberta data; elsewhere reported to feed on dead leaves of deciduous trees (Crumb, 1956).

Nova Scotia west to Alberta, south to North Carolina and Colorado. No specific Alberta data is available, although there are reported to be Alberta specimen(s) in Ottawa (CNCI).

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