Camponotus nearcticus    

common name     Carpenter Ant

Nest in live and dead trees, almost exclusively arboreal (Hansen and Klotz, 2005). Even found nesting under a tarp in a tree house.

Found late April until Late September.

Workers are ~4.5-7.5 mm in length, bicolored with a dark red to brown head, reddish black gaster and light golden thorax (Wheeler and Wheeler, 1963). There is a median notch in the clypeus, no hairs on the malar area with an exception to the base of the mandible (Hansen and Klotz, 2005).

life history
These ants have very small colonies, with only about 300 workers (Hansen and Klotz, 2005). Minor and major workers are very similar in size and shape.

Not of concern.

diet info
Omnivorous and have been noted to farm aphids (Hansen and Klotz, 2005 and Wheeler and Wheeler, 1963).

Found across the northern part of North America in the boreal forest from Alaska to New Foundland and south along the American west in forested areas. (Hansen and Klotz, 2005).

species page authorGlasier, J.2008 

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