Camponotus vicinus    

common name     Carpenter Ant

Forested areas and is often found in rotted wood and in dead standing trees. Also have been reported in structures.

Found late April until Late September.

Camponotus vicinus is distinguished by a carinate ridge on the clypeus and a flattened base of the antennal scape. Lack hair on the gena, which is dull and not uniform in colour. Have graduated erect bristles on the flexor surface of the tibia. Colours can vary, but tend to have a reddish-black head, with dark brown thorax and light brown to almost golden legs and gaster (Hansen and Klotz, 2005).

life history
Colonies are polygynous and may contain over 100 000 workers.

Not of concern.

diet info
Omnivourous and will tend aphids on trees.

Found throughout western North America, but have only one record from Alberta from the Peace River area.

species page authorGlasier, J.2008 

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