Hemileuca nevadensis    

common name     Nevada Buckmoth

Stabilized sand dunes with trembling aspen.

Probably late August to late September. The only AB date is in early September.

The black wings with the broad, white median band on both the fore- and hindwings, in combination with the tuft of reddish hair on the abdominal tip, make this striking moth unmistakable in Alberta.

life history
The eggs are deposited in bands on the twigs of the host plant or on plants near the hostplant, and likely overwinter.

Colonies of this species are very localized, and are known from only a few localities in Canada.

diet info
A colony of larvae collected from Trembling Aspen near North Battleford, SK by the Forest Insect Survey were reared to maturity and are located in the Northern Forestry Centre, Edmonton.

Eastern Alberta east to southwestern Manitoba, south to southwestern states.

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species page authorSchmidt, B. C. 

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