Apteroloma tenuicorne    

In some features species of Apteroloma are similar to Pteroloma. The mandibles have pre-apical teeth; the antennae are gradually thickened, with the apical segments irregularly hairy [without a uniform vestiture of microsetae] and without an apical ring around the penultimate segments. However, there are no eyespots on the frons and the male aedeagus has no parameres. In tenuicorne the important features are that the epipleuron is punctate, the posterior angles of the pronotum are somewhat rounded and the pronotum is not at all cordate.

This is another species of the western mountains, mostly in the U.S. In Alberta this species if found in the mountains and foothills of the southwestern corner; and apparently also in the Cypress Hills.

Meaning of name: "with slender horns." It refers to the slender and weakly clubbed antennae of this species.

species page authorMadge, R. B.2006 

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